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Role of NGOs in Advancing Global Citizenship

The goal of College Education Behind Bars' (CEBB) global citizenship education is to empower Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) to assume active roles and to face and resolve global challenges by becoming proactive contributors to a more peaceful, tolerant, and inclusive community and world. To discuss the role CEBB plays in teaching global competency to their students, its founder, Dr. Aland Mizell, accompanied by Attorney Susan Cariaga, met with BJMP's Chief Serafin P. Barretto and his staff from the Police Academy in Manila on July 27th to discuss fostering global education inside the prisons.

Because we are united by the worldwide web and are living in a global village, whatever happens in one part of world affects the others. This connectivity allows educators to become part of the solution to the world's most pressing problems by teaching students to see themselves in a global context, one that desires to establish order, peace, and harmony in their personal and social lives and to combat seemingly insurmountable problems, especially as they affect developing countries. College Education Behind Bars, the initiation of the NGO Social Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Business Institute (SETBI), seeks to increase students’ knowledge, skills, experiences, and attitudes. so when they they leave the prison system, they will be equipped with greater potential to secure a broader range of significant life work, to be prepared for increased mobility, and to have a global impact in their spheres.

The outcome is to better prepare students deprived of their liberty to work in a collaborative and global age using digital tools and educational partners, thereby increasing student achievement, satisfaction, and participation in their intellectual inquiry. Thus, with the critical objective of preparing students to have the capacity to live and work in a world of permeable borders, rapidly gained and transferred information, and increasingly diverse and multicultural environments, CEBB is a stellar example of the role NGOs can play in training

students for worldwide citizenship. Its global education frames an ongoing process of internationalizing learning and of applying that learning to solve current world issues.

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