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Minority Care International is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to assist minorities in their needs through education and transformation.

Education Development

  • Provide scholarships for underprivileged students

  • Power their educational goals

  • Teach life skills and workplace readiness

Employment  Opportunities

  • Provide opportunities to build confidence and skills for employment

  • Develop new sources of income for economically deprived people

  • Improve housing for people who need shelter

Visionary Resource Development

  • Provide resources for minorities

  • Teach inquiring minds to sympathize with good causes

  • Pair those who care about poor people with brothers and sisters in need

  • Partner with individuals, other non-profit organizations, non-governmental, and
    governmental organizations

  • Bring hope

  • Develop sources for funding

  • Cultivate trust and healing over prejudice and hate

  • Model and teach the practice of reconciliation

Economic Development

  • Offer zero-interest micro-loans to economically disadvantaged individuals and families

  • Assist in training recipients in best business practice through conferences and seminars

Healthcare and Human Welfare

  • Improve nutrition

  • Offer access to basic health care

  • Improve living conditions

  • Assist business start-ups toward self sustaining independence

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Minority Care International (MCI) works to address the poverty of educational access one life at a time to:

  • Improve human wellbeing individually and holistically

  • Help the most marginalized to achieve a better future

  • Assist in community and national development

  • Defeat poverty and its social ills by offering hope, life skills, and access to education

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