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Meet our team.

Board of Directors

MCI is governed by a board of directors responsible for its vision, policy, accountability, and programs supporting Minority Care International’s mission and goals. In addition, the board assists in promoting the organization and in soliciting donor support.


The board members volunteer because of their commitment to serving others.


Aland Mizell

Dr. Aland Mizell, an American political scientist, author, CEO, social entrepreneur, and founder of educational enterprises, holds master’s degrees in political science and public administration. His doctorate degree in political science and international relations focused on minority politics. He has lived and worked in Central Asia, in the Middle East, in East Asia, as well as in Central Europe. Dr. Mizell is the founder of Minority Care International (MCI), which supports the educational needs of minorities. To help solve social problems, he began the non-governmental Social Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Business Institute (SETBI) in Davao City. Under that organization he initiated College Education Behind Bars (CEBB), partnering with universities and government agencies. 

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