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Jerwin Capuras from Doctors Without Borders Spoke at the MCISA Forum. ( February 25,2023 )

Have you ever asked the Lord to use you? Have you ever asked God that you desire to make a difference for him in this messy world ? when you let God use you, He wants to partner with you in a lifelong journey. While it is possible to demonstrate God’s love in a variety of Professions, few career paths better exemplify this concept that nursing , charged with providing Physical, emotional, and spiritual care, nurses live out their faith on a daily bases. Some are called this professions from young age. Others like Jerwin find their passion, through mentorships, Jerwin Capuras, a proud Filipino grew up in Compostela Valley in Mindanao, graduated from the University of Mindanao, worked for a few years at a hospital as a registered nurse, and now works for the Doctors without Borders as a register nurse providing basic and specialized health care, responding to emergencies’ and outbreaks affecting isolated communities, and serving internally displaced people and refugees from Sudan. These accomplishments would make anyone proud to be a Filippino. The everyday act of caring for the suffering allows Jerwin to live out his faith. Wheher he is drawing blood samples, assisting in diagnosis, or providing post operative care, Jerwin play an itegral role in both preventing and easing suffering. Jerwin truly is living out his faith, as He commands everyone to look after the weak in their time and need. To Jerwin is to sacrifice, while Jerwin often receive generous pay and beenfits, he spend long hours in dificult abd draining conditions , all because he is passionate about hos work and determoned to provide the high level of care his pastients deserve . for Jerwin , ideal careier should allow you to utilize your natrual gifts for greater purpose , all while fulfilling God’s call to serve others. Yes it is very challenging , but its also one of the most personlly fulfilling and it gives you an great oppurtunity to make a real diifrence in the lives of others while serving God.

To inspire the students to persevere, Jerwin Capuras spoke at the MCI weekly study forum and shared some of the working experiences he had with the War Crisis in Yemen, his work experience in Benin, to Ethiopia , and his service in the South Sudan. He was himself once an MCI scholar, and now he is a Professional encouraging other young minds, to help needy peopleAs a Minority Care international (MCIS) scholar, MCI sent Jerwin to the university, guided him, and equipped him during his years with MCI. Jerwin said, “When I was a student and scholar of Minority Care International, Attending MCI’s weekly forums and hearing about ignorance, poverty, corruption, HIV-AIDS, violence, ethnic conflict, and climate change, I learned about the love of God and care for others. MCI just did not want me to come to God but also to go for Him, to do the things that are more valuable and precious to God who are His children. Of course, MCI does not just give, but it also teaches us to give back to the community. After I graduated from the University, became a registered nurse, and worked at the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) for a couple of years ever since then, I knew that I needed to do something, to witness, to give something of myself, and to be a citizen of the world. I must first do something good, like what MCI and Sir Aland did for me, and that will benefit the people who need it most.”

“I remember a long time ago at one of the weekly forums Sir Aland shared with us that MCI believes every one of us has a place in society. That part cannot be played by anybody else in the world. Being poor and underprivileged does not really matter. What matters is that MCI provides as opportunity for motivated young people to obtain an education that will enable them to make the most of their individual gifts. It is fascinating to see that each one has unique gifts with none having exactly the same ones. Besides teaching the students to use their skills and gifts, MCI helps students fulfill their dreams. MCI is a place where those dreams can be achieved and hope can grow. MCI looks forward to the day when students will be happy and pleased for knowing that here they found the right soil in which to grow and develop, and thus always be proud to claim MCI as home, just as they claim the Philippines. Students will pay forward, learning to invest in others as others invested in them. Long time ago MCI invested in me , now I am investing to other . I remember Sir Aland always telling us to be prepare and to be ready, because opportunity will come, and we would need to be ready and prepared to grab the opportunity because opportunity will not wait. If we are not properly prepared and ready, we might miss the opportunity.”. Sir Aland said, ‘A young person is a sampling of power strength, leadership, and intelligence that if trained and educated properly, he or she can become a hero by overcoming obstacles and acquiring a mind that promises enlightenment to hearts and order to the world.’” Serving always involves sacrifice . Good people like Jerwin make sacrifices for happiness of others. Thank you Jerwin . We want to thank to MCI for investing in Jerwin life, and it is worth it !

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