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MCI Student Association Oath Taking Ceremony Held

Five new MCISA officers proudly took the oath to serve for the session 2023-2024. The members expressed gratitude to those who had completed their tenure. MCI President Dr. Aland Mizell admonished them, “Learn how you can develop your leadership skills through involvement in the MCISA organization and through community service.” MCISA plays an active role in students’ lives through weekly forums, community service projects, workshops, annual retreats, guest speakers, presentations, and conferences. These activities help keep students aware of the world around them. Being a member of MCISA provides many advantages, such as an opportunity for students wishing to be part of International Student Exchange Program to the USA. MCISA is open to all college students, and their participation is welcome. The officers are as follows: from the left President: Andrea Cate Amores Carteciano (BS Nursing- at Davao Doctor College); Vice-President: Theresa Adil (BS Social work at UM ); Secretary: Andrea Miranda (BSED-English at USEP); Treasurer: Jacob Celik (BS Medtec - at Sunpedro College ); Media-Relations: John (Senor H grade 12 at Thompson Christian School

MCISA Meetings

MCISA meets Saturdays for dinner and the forum beginning at 7:00 at the Turkish Coffee House Mikos Residence at the Roxas Street, Davao City. Minority Care International (MCI) is an international non-governmental organization whose purpose is to help alleviate the consequences of poverty chiefly by projects devoted to education, employment, housing, and health. These projects include: scholarships, student exchange programs, micro-loans, soccer scholarships, and partnerships with the universities in Mindanao and abroad We are committed to helping the most economically disadvantaged minorities.

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