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Restoring Vision: Barangay 36- D Davao City

In collaboration with Restoring Vision, Minority Care International sets up clinics in impoverished communities with limited access to vision services to distribute reading glasses. As a service learning project, MCI students make arrangements, secure a volunteer ophthalmologist, and lead the community clinics. MCI nursing students offer eye exams and dispense the strength which restores sight immediately and improves lives. This service to Barangay 36-D in Boulevard, Davao City on November 11,2023, was MCI’s 19th  distribution of eye glasses. Special thanks to MCI scholars and officers, Davao Doctors College ophthalmology students, and Attorney Susan Cariaga. This was a rewarding project for MCI students, many of whom are Barangay captains, who enjoyed serving to fulfill this important community need. Thank you MCI.

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